stepping out and stepping away

Well rats, I’ve grown rather fond of the name “Jordan.” It’s kind of a shame to have to say goodbye to it. But…

Hi. My name is Matt Jones, and it’s been an absolute joy and privilege to contribue to GaySubtlety over the past year. I’ve learned more than I thought possible and grown in ways I never anticipated, and through it all I’ve made some very dear friends who have enriched my life greatly.

Today I came out on my personal blog, meaning a pseudonym is no longer necessary or even desirable. I think this small step into the open is a natural progression for my life and I feel very at peace about the whole process. Much of what I desire for the church – that it would love more fiercely, more humbly, and increasingly become a sanctuary of rest and wholeness for LGBTQ people and everyone else – will be easier to work toward if I am living honestly and openly.

So here’s what’s happening: I (no-longer-Jordan) will continue to blog about sexuality and a whole lot else on my personal blog – here (and here, in case you missed the first one). I’d love if you would keep the party going over there and subscribe, though I understand if you decide to jump ship because the only reason you’re here at all is for the daily challenge of trying to spell “Subtlety” correctly on the first try.

As for this blog, it will hopefully remain as a resource and encouragement for people curious about the intersection of faith and sexuality. At some point this summer I hope to reorganize things and make it easier to search for certain topics. Then again, I told myself I’d read Dr. Zhivago and I’ve barely managed 200 pages in, oh, just over two years. So the restructuring may take a while. Lord Jesus come quickly.

It’s been an incredible blessing. Thank you for your patience and grace as I grew up and grew deeper into the love of God. There is a long way yet to go…

Should this be the last thing you ever read from me, know you are loved. Know your story is worth sharing and worth listening to, and know that there is indescribable joy and peace to be found in the redemption of Christ. That’s all I ever really wanted to say.

See you on the other side (which is located here, in case you were curious).

With much love,