Hey everyone,

So today (Tuesday the 13th for those who read this in the future, assuming the world hasn’t been vaporized by insectoid war-machines from beyond deep space) is the launch of the synchroblog. At 9am EST a variety of posts from a variety of people who believe a variety of things will be collected and displayed here! I encourage you to check them out and see how other people are pursuing the restoration of sanity in the midst of the tension. I imagine some of the entries will be quite beneficial.

I apologize that I won’t be able to publish the next post for a few days; I’m visiting Wheaton after finishing up my three months in South Africa and between all the conversations and hang-outs that need to happen there simply isn’t time. It’s been amazing, though. This was such an unbelievably formative and blessed place for me, and it is an incredible encouragement to reconnect with friends and mentors to marvel at what God is doing and enjoy each other’s company. Coffee dates, everyone, are the best ever.

I hope you are all well and that the opinions and stories expressed in the synchroblog are a catalyst for deep, loving reflection.



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