accidental post

Note: this only applies to you if you’ve signed up to follow our blog via email.

Well, this is a little bit embarrassing.

I belong to another wordpress blog, it’s a private group full of mainly gay/SSA people that talks about celibacy/chastity, singleness, and friendship.

I was trying to put a post on there for just that group, but since I don’t fully know how to work wordpress yet, I accidentally posted it to this blog instead. Once I realized my error, I then immediately deleted it, but for those who receive updates about the blog via email, you would have seen the post anyway via the email you received.

I’m working on a project this summer with a Wheaton administrator that may materialize into a method of supporting same-sex attracted students this fall. But it isn’t approved by anyone yet and isn’t official, and I never meant for it to be public. So the document that the email followers of this blog saw, know that it is absolutely not anything official and not endorsed by the college (yet).

Also, I signed my real first name at the end of the post, so you may or may not know who I am now (which quite honestly, I really don’t mind because I doubt that the people whom I don’t want to know are following this blog).

Anyway, embarrassing mistake. And this is my attempt to correct it.



One thought on “accidental post

  1. Hahaha! I was wondering who on earth this new person was, and what he was doing posting here without being introduced to us first!

    But I can’t see that harm has been done, so don’t stress!


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