looking to desire (plus we’ve updated some things!)

I’m sharing a week-old blog entry from Melinda Selmys, a Catholic woman with lesbian attractions. She does a great job articulating things Tony and I have been trying to get at recently. Here’s an excerpt where she rhetorically argues against the claim that all homosexual attraction is entirely sinful and to be totally repressed:

“But what if I make the act of will to redirect [my homosexual] desire, to use it as an opportunity to give glory to God for the beauty which He has made manifest in that particular woman? Or to meditate on my desire for the one-flesh union of the entire humanum in the Eucharist where there is neither Gentile nor Jew, slave nor free, woman nor man? Or as an opportunity to contemplate the relationship between the doctrines of the Communion of Saints and of the resurrection of the Body? What if, by an act of will, I take that desire and order it towards its proper end: towards the Good, the Beautiful and the True?”

I’m not sure how well I can do all those things in the moment I find I am attracted to someone, but it sure sounds nice!

The whole post is good. You can find it here. She loses ten points for saying “irregardless,” but she earns 45 points (45!!!) for quoting Gerard Manley Hopkins at the end. I love Hopkins. Her post is also nice because I’m sure y’all are tired of Tony and I talking about guys all the time. She provides a nice influx of X chromosomes.

Actually, most of the best stuff on the internet about the intersection of Christianity and homosexuality is from Catholic authors. It’s cool. They generally have a more profound and helpful conception of the place of singleness in the Church than Protestants do. There’s always some initial awkwardness because our sexual ethics are slightly different, but I’ve found my Catholic brothers and sisters have taught me so much about pursuing a holy stewardship of my sexuality. I hope her words are encouraging to you.


Update: So we have added a resource page (which we wanted to call [Out]Source but decided not to) that has some books and websites we have personally enjoyed and found helpful. But wait! There’s more! We also revamped our “About Us” page because this blog is really all “about us” and our image and stuff! Check ’em out! Tell us what you think.


2 thoughts on “looking to desire (plus we’ve updated some things!)

  1. By similar standards, you lose ten points for saying “tired of Tony and I talking,” but you earn 45 points (yes, 45) for the incorporation of basic genetics in your post.

    Have y’all heard of Eve Tushnet?

    Equally important, have you heard my friend Steve Slagg (Youngest Son)’s song about her — Corpus Christi? It’s here: http://www.youngestsonmusic.com/pigshit#banners

    And if you don’t like that song, maybe you’ll like this one: http://goodlawd.com/goodlawd-kid-sings-aint-no-homos-gonna-make-it-to-heaven-in-church-video/

  2. I took a geology class once, so I know a lot about science.

    We love Eve! Once we release a resources pages, she’ll be on it.

    Steve’s song is great. As for the other one, I already linked it on Twitter. I’m glad I ran out of characters (seriously, who can write *anything* in 140 characters?!?!) because it would have turned into an ugly, ugly rant. It really is one of the more perverse things I’ve seen in a long time.


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